Introduction/Collection Post

Hi, I am Lapras. I have been collecting TOMY Monster Collection figurines for 4 years. I don't know how many figures I have in my collection, but I know I've had over 150, maybe as much as 300 (counting duplicates). EDIT: I found out I have over 200-210. Here is a very, very, very long, comprehensive list of my figures, containing when they were released and quantities in some cases:
Generation I:
Bulbasaur (1996 Audley figure)
Ivysaur (1996 Audley figure)
Venusaur (1996 Audley figure)
Charmander (1996 Audley figure)
Charizard (1999 TOMY figure)
Squirtle (1996 Audley figure)
Blastoise (1999 TOMY figure)
Caterpie (2x? TOMY or Audley figure)
Metapod (2x, one TOMY and one Audley)
Butterfree (1996 Audley figure)
Weedle (1999 TOMY figure)
Pidgey (2x 1999 TOMY figure)
Pidgeot (2x 1999 TOMY figure)
Rattata (3x or 4x 1999 TOMY figure)
Raticate (1999 TOMY figure)
Arbok (2x, 1999 TOMY figure and D/P Monster Collection rerelease)
Pikachu (3x, 1999 TOMY figure in listening pose, 1999 Tomy figure doing the piece sign, rare 2001 TOMY figure that came with Larvitar)
Surfing Pikachu (1999? TOMY figure)
Raichu (3x at unknown release date, possibly second generation)
Sandshrew (1996 Audley figure)
Sandslash (1996 Audley figure)
Nidoking (1999 TOMY figure)
Clefairy (1999 TOMY figure)
Vulpix (1999 TOMY figure)
Wigglytuff (1999 TOMY figure)
Gloom (1999 TOMY figure from Nintendo World)
Vileplume (1999 TOMY figure)
Venonat (1999 TOMY figure)
Diglett (1999 TOMY figure)
Dugtrio (1999 TOMY figure)
Meowth (1996 Audley figure)
Persian (1999 TOMY figure)
Growlithe (1999 TOMY figure)
Poliwhirl (1999 TOMY figure)
Poliwrath (1999 TOMY figure)
Alakazam (1999 TOMY figure)
Machop (1999 TOMY figure)
Machoke (1999 TOMY figure)
Machamp (1999 TOMY figure)
Farfetch'd (1999 TOMY figure)
Seel (3x 1996 Audley figures)
Dewgong (1996 Audley figure)
Muk (1999 TOMY figure)
Cubone (1999 TOMY figure)
Marowak (1999 TOMY figure)
Lickitung (1999 TOMY figure)
Weezing (2x 1999 TOMY figures)
Rhyhorn (1999 TOMY figure)
Rhydon (1999 TOMY figure)
Seaking (1999 TOMY figure)
Electabuzz (1999 TOMY figure from Nintendo World)
Magikarp (1999 TOMY figure)
Gyarados (1999 TOMY figure)
Ditto (1999 TOMY figure): I'm very happy I got this. A very rare find indeed.
Eevee (2x, 1999 TOMY figure and new pose D/P Monster Collection figure)
Vaporeon (1999 TOMY figure)
Jolteon (1999 TOMY figure)
Flareon (1996 Audley figure)
Porygon (1999 TOMY figure)
Snorlax (1999 TOMY figure)
Articuno (2x? 1999 TOMY figures)
Moltres (2x 1999 TOMY figures)
Zapdos (2x 1999 TOMY figures)
Mewtwo (1999 TOMY figure)
Mew (D/P Monster Collection series)

Generation II:
Chikorita (2001 TOMY figure)
Bayleef (2001 TOMY figure)
Meganium (2001 TOMY figure)
Cyndaquil (2001 TOMY figure)
Quilava (2x, 2001 TOMY figure)
Typhlosion (2x, 2001 TOMY figure)
Totodile (2001 TOMY figure)
Croconaw (2001 TOMY figure)
Feraligatr (2001 TOMY figure)
Furret (2001 TOMY figure)
Ledian (2001 TOMY figure)
Spinarak (2001 TOMY figure)
Ariados (2x, 2001 TOMY figure): Somehow by the grace of God I managed to get 2 of these elusive bastards.
Crobat (2001 TOMY figure): I got really lucky with this one; I got it in a lot with my Rhydon and some other things.
Lanturn (2001 TOMY figure from Nintendo World)
Pichu (3x, 2001 TOMY figures, one of which was from Nintendo World)
Cleffa (2001 TOMY figure)
Togepi (2000 TOMY figure)
Togetic (2001 TOMY figure from Nintendo World)
Xatu (2001 TOMY figure from Nintendo World)
Ampharos (2001 TOMY figure from Nintendo World)
Marill (2000 TOMY figure from Nintendo World)
Azumarill (2001 TOMY figure)
Aipom (2x 2001 TOMY figure)
Sunflora (2001 TOMY from Nintendo World)
Wooper (2001 TOMY from Nintendo World)
Espeon (D/P Monster Collection TOMY)
Umbreon (2001 TOMY)
Wobbuffet (2001 TOMY)
Snubbull (2001 TOMY)
Granbull (2001 TOMY)
Heracross (2001 TOMY)
Sneasel (Movie Theater Monster Collection TOMY)
Teddiursa (Movie Theater Monster Collection TOMY)
Slugma (2001 TOMY)
Skarmory (2001 TOMY)
Houndoom (D/P Monster Collection TOMY)
Donphan (2001 TOMY)
Stantler (2001 TOMY)
Hitmontop (2001 TOMY)
Magby (2001 TOMY)
Miltank (2001 TOMY)
Blissey (2001 TOMY)
Raikou (2001 TOMY)
Entei (2001 TOMY)
Suicune (2001 TOMY)
Larvitar (2001 TOMY)
Tyranitar (2001 TOMY from Nintendo World)
Lugia (2x, 2001 3 inch TOMY and D/P Monster Collection figure)

Gen III:
Treecko (2003 TOMY)
Grovyle (2003 TOMY from Nintendo World)
Blaziken (2003 TOMY from Nintendo World)
Mudkip (2003 TOMY)
Pelipper (2003 TOMY)
Gardevoir (2003 TOMY): Another one that I really like
Loudred (2003 TOMY)
Hariyama (2003 TOMY from Nintendo World)
Delcatty (2003 TOMY)
Medicham (2003 TOMY)
Plusle (2003 TOMY)
Torkoal (2003 TOMY)
Flygon (D/P Monster Collection)
Altaria (2003 TOMY from Nintendo World)
Milotic (2003 TOMY from Nintendo World)
Glalie (2003 TOMY)
Salamence (2x, 2003 TOMY)
Latias (2x, 2003 TOMY and Special Edition 3 inch TOMY)
Latios (3x, 2003 TOMY and 2 special edition 3 inch elongated TOMYs)
Groudon (B/W Monster Collection from Nintendo World)
Gen IV:
Turtwig (D/P Monster Collection)
Torterra (D/P Monster Collection)
Infernape (D/P Monster Collection)
Piplup (D/P Monster Collection)
Luxray (D/P Monster Collection)
Roserade (D/P Monster Collection)
Rampardos (D/P Monster Collection)
Floatzel (D/P Monster Collection)
Loppuny (D/P Monster Collection from Nintendo World)
Mismagius (D/P Monster Collection)
Chatot (D/P Monster Collection)
Lucario (D/P Monster Collection)
Hippopotas (D/P Monster Collection)
Hippowdon (D/P Monster Collection)
Drapion (D/P Monster Collection)
Croagunk (D/P Monster Collection)
Rhyperior (D/P Monster Collection)
Electivire (D/P Monster Collection)
Togekiss (D/P Monster Collection)
Leafeon (D/P Monster Collection)
Glaceon (2x, D/P Monster Collection and B/W Monster Collection)
Gliscor (D/P Monster Collection)
Gallade (D/P Monster Collection)
Manaphy (D/P Monster Collection)

Generation V:
Snivy (B/W Monster Collection from Mall Tour)
Servine (B/W Monster Collection from Nintendo World)
Tepig (B/W Monster Collection from Mall Tour)
Pignite (B/W Monster Collection from Nintendo World)
Oshawott (B/W Monster Collection from Mall Tour)
Pansear, Panpour, Pansage (BW Monster Collection from Nintendo World)
Munna (B/W Monster Collection from Nintendo World)
Pidove (B/W Monster Collection from Nintendo World)
Boldore (B/W Monster Collection)
Sandile (B/W Monster Collection from Nintendo World)
Darumakka (B/W Monster Collection)
Scraggy (B/W Monster Collection)
Zorua (D/P Monster Collection)
Zoroark (D/P Monster Collection)
Minccino (B/W Monster Collection from Nintendo World)
Axew (B/W Monster Collection from Nintendo World)
Druddigon (B/W Monster Collection)
Cobalion (B/W Monster Collection)
Reshiram (B/W Monster Collection from Mall Tour)
Zekrom (B/W Monster Collection from Mall Tour)
Kyurem (B/W Monster Collection from Nintendo World)

Gen VI:
None so far